In recent years, the production possibilities for conveyor transmitters and pressure filters have been increasingly expanded. Thus, wall thicknesses of up to 20mm can be realized with the latest machines and equipment.


Description of conveyor stations


We calculate, draw and manufacture conveyor transmitters. Thanks to our wide range of possibilities, we can also determine the wall thickness of a transmitter for load changes, shear forces, earthquake zone loads or nozzle loads. The calculation is carried out according to the AD2000 regulations S1 or S2 or via FEM calculations.

Our calculations are all verifiable and are checked by the notified body as part of the design review.

As part of a complete offer, we also install the internal fittings (e.g. the filter elements in the case of a pressure filter for air pollution control).

Here, it does not matter whether the pressure transmitter is made of normal structural steel or stainless steel.

Our range of services also includes the entire environment surrounding the production of a pressure transmitter. Be it the preparation and support of end customer acceptance tests, the organization of freight and logistics or the commissioning of entire consignments.

Product and technological news

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