Plate & Shell heat exchangers are ideally suited for high pressure and high temperatures. At the same time, they impress with high resistance to aggressive media and a very low risk of leakage. Easy cleaning of the media circuits and high energy efficiency keep operating costs low.



  • High leakage resistance
  • Ideally suited for aggressive media
  • Temperatures up to 500°C
  • Pressures up to 400 bar
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Various connection sizes (from DN 20 to DN 1000)

Brazing instead of welding
Instead of welding, vacuum brazing uses an efficient method to join heat exchanger plates together. This method provides a significantly larger joining area compared to conventional all-around welding. The pair of plates is joined at various points, namely the outer edge, the connections and specifically selected points on the surface for heat transfer. The result is an extremely robust design that can withstand various loads and thermal challenges. This robustness ensures reliable and tight heat exchanger performance. Various brazing materials such as copper brazing, LUNATM stainless steel brazing, and others enable use in a wide range of applications.

Special plate shape
The plate shape of the heat exchangers is characterized by its exceptional thermal efficiency combined with minimal flow resistance. Thanks to this special shape, no additional flow baffles are required, as the medium is evenly and effectively distributed between the heat exchanger plates. The side recesses provide sufficient space for the medium flowing through the shell to make optimum use of all the space. This unique shape also significantly reduces local flow resistance. Optimal utilization of the exchanger volume allows the size of the heat exchanger to be reduced. Additional corrugations along the circumference of the heat exchanger plates help stabilize the plate pack and optimize the performance of the exchanger under load, ensuring a longer service life.

Product and technological news

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