At ZILONIS Energy Solutions, we deliver optimal solutions with a strong emphasis on flexibility and versatility. Our devices are precisely engineered to meet diverse temperature requirements and capacities, catering to HVAC, industrial, or hygiene applications.

Definition and function of plate heat exchangers

A brazed plate heat exchanger, also known as a plate heat exchanger, enables indirect heat transfer between two media, e.g. cold water and beer wort. The plate heat exchanger consists of several heat transfer plates mounted one behind the other, which are either soldered, screwed or welded together. Each plate can be made of stainless steel or titanium, which have corrosion- and heat-resistant properties. These plates are arranged in stacks. The plate-seal-plate structure creates flow gaps. The medium to be heated and the medium emitting heat flow alternately through these gaps. In this way, the thermal energy is transferred from one medium to the other.

The heat exchange between the media takes place due to the temperature difference between them. The direction of flow of the streams, whether counterflow, co-current or cross-flow, influences both the size of the plate heat exchanger and its application. In the counterflow principle, the media flow in opposite directions, which enables maximum heat transfer. In the co-current principle, they flow in the same direction, whereby the temperatures approach each other. The cross-flow principle is used in some designs, especially when a specific temperature is to be achieved. The special embossing of the plates creates a turbulent flow, which improves heat exchange and also determines the size of the transfer surface.

Overall, the plate heat exchanger enables efficient and reliable heat transfer between two media without them coming into direct contact with each other or mixing.

Our units are optimised to meet specific temperature demands and capacities in HVAC, industrial or hygienic applications.

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