• Type GWD U-tube apparatus water-cooled/heated with double tube plate
• Type GDD U-tube apparatus steam-heated with double tube plate
• Type GVSD straight tube apparatus with double tube plates

Rohrbündelwärmetauscher/ Shell and tube


These designs with single tubes and double tube plates prevent media mixing in case of leakage of the tube/tube sheet weld joint and comply with FDA (Food and Drug Association) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements.

Due to the use of surface-treated materials and a special design, these apparatuses can also be manufactured as sterile heat exchangers. Special care is taken in the selection and design of the apparatus flange seal.

Absolute tightness is ensured even in vacuum operation, as otherwise germs could be introduced with the leakage air. Depending on requirements, the surfaces of the product chamber are finished in an electropolished finish to a roughness of Ra < 0.4 µ.

When installed in clean rooms, gas-tight welded insulation is possible. The main areas of application are in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries with their diverse and demanding products, especially in the manufacture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals in liquid form, as well as in the food industry.

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