ZILONIS Energy Solutions GmbH!

Dear partners, customers and interested parties,
we are pleased to announce that ZILONIS Energy Solutions GmbH has opened a new branch office in Prishtina, South East Europe. This strategic expansion underlines our ongoing commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer proximity.

Why Prishtina?
Prishtina is located in the heart of a region that has made significant economic progress in recent years. Southeastern Europe stands for growth, positive development and a clear focus on renewable energy - values that are in line with our mission.

Direct line to our customers
Our new office allows us to have a direct line to our customers in the region. We are now closer to you and can better respond to your needs, deliver our services faster, and develop more effective solutions for your energy needs.

Part of a Sustainable Future
With this expansion, ZILONIS is actively participating in the dynamic energy landscape of Southeast Europe. Our presence in Prishtina will allow us to directly contribute to the promotion of renewable energy and sustainable business practices in the region.

Contact us
For more information about our new office and how we can serve you in Southeast Europe, please contact our team in Prishtina directly. We are ready to answer your questions and work with you.

Arben Ejupi
General Manager for Kosovo & Southeast Europe
- +383 (0) 49 333 817
- Republic of Kosovo, 10000 Prishtina, rr. Kerem Leton no. B31

We look forward to a successful partnership in this emerging and future-oriented region.