Embark on a journey to a prosperous professional future with an apprenticeship at ZILONIS. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, irrespective of the training path you choose. We prioritize early integration into our daily operations, hands-on experience, and fostering individual responsibility to create an environment that inspires growth. If you seek a pleasant, team-oriented work atmosphere and value a diverse range of tasks, ZILONIS is your ideal destination.

Our benefits for you:

Monthly Bonus

In addition to your training allowance, you will receive a monthly bonus of €50 on your ZILONIS Card.

Your Own Projects

During your apprenticeship with us, you will be integrated into the daily work routine and can work on your own projects to gain practical experience and develop your skills in real-life situations.


The versatility of your apprenticeship at ZILONIS comes from the wide range of skills and experience you can gain in various projects and tasks.


Regular team building events encourage collaboration, boost morale and strengthen bonds within the team, resulting in a more productive working environment.

Intensive Support
& Supervision

During your training, you will benefit from the intensive supervision of highly qualified specialists, which will provide you with in-depth training and valuable insights into their expertise.


At ZILONIS, we promote work-life balance through a generous 30-day vacation entitlement.

We have the following apprenticeships available:

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Ramona Kühn
Head of Personnel Department

Please feel free to reach out to our Head of Personnel Department at the following contact information:


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