ZILONIS has a new foreign subsidiary!


Dear partners, customers and interested parties,

we are pleased to announce that ZILONIS GmbH has opened a new branch office in Shanghai.

For a long time, customers have not only advised us to take this step into the "Middle Kingdom", but also partly urged us to do so. Instead of having to order from us in Germany, as was previously the case, and then having to ship our heat exchangers and tanks to China themselves, our customers with Chinese branches can now purchase directly from our ZILONIS Shanghai. This reduces logistics costs and gives us an additional competitive advantage in the market.

Our new employee Jiong Fang, who will visit us in Germany for an intensive training during the next weeks, has already started to inform our contacts in China about this milestone and to win them over for us. The beginning is done. 

On our trip to China, we were able to convince several companies of the advantages of cooperating with our Chinese subsidiary. With great confidence we look forward to an intensive cooperation with many more new and existing customers in China.

Contact us:

For more information please contact our team in Shanghai directly.

  • +86 21 59141817
  • Bldv. 1, NO. 1111, Taishun Road
  • 201814, Fangtai town, Jiading District,Shanghai

We look forward to a successful partnership in this emerging and future-oriented region.